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for home shipping or in-office pickup!

We have access to the best prices for the best products on the market. We can have virtually any product shipped to your home or our office

How it works

We securely store your credit card on Square (we don't see the numbers.) Call, text or email us with the products you want. We will send you a confirmation email once the order is placed. 

Orders can be placed one-time or recurring - if you know you'll need a bottle of something every 60 days, we cna have it auto-shipped and we will cancel at your request at any time.

We apply a flat $5 shipping fee per supplier. This fee is waived for orders over $100 from one supplier.

What are the products, what are the prices?

Dr. Russ currently has accounts with the manufacturers Thorne and Biotics Research, which are the only reliable source for their unique and top-quality products.


We also have an account with Natural Partners, which carries a vast array of products of all types, including herbs, homeopathics, personal care--even animal health products!


You can view available products and prices in their catalogues online:

Thorne Labs

Biotics Research

Natural Partners


If you need a specific product that isn’t in one of these catalogues, just ask! We’ll be happy to procure your preferred products.

What if I 

don't know

what I need?

We can help. 


We offer consultations, can order tests, and want help you navigate the sea of information about nutrition. Our goal is for you to buy the supplements you need, get the highest quality, and feel better.

how do i start?

Call us! Give us your shipping address, credit card number, and we can get you started right away.