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Buying supplements? Get them cheaper from our online store.

Wellness products are expensive

Supplements are often necessary to help people feel their best. As part of our initiative to improve access to health and wellness, we take a low-margin approach to our supplement sales without sacrificing quality. Fullscript carries the best quality provider brands, has a huge selection, fast shipping free on orders over $50, and they're always open.

Our online store through Fullscript offers 20% discount on every product every day. Occasionally more! You don't even have to be our patient to take advantage of these savings. Click below to open our online dispensary. We have protocols there for many different conditions and plenty of free information and education.

Click here

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or scan this QR code

We will gladly assist you in choosing products either in-person or via video chat; as always those visits can be on our sliding-scale.

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