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Kate Green, LMT

Kate smiling

I began my massage journey in 2012, after moving to Portland from Philadelphia.  Before moving across the country, I had been an educator, caregiver and children’s yoga instructor.  I was slowly moving towards massage for a long time, looking for new ways to nurture and support people.  I’m a bonafide massage enthusiast and love what I do!

Everyone is unique and dynamic, and so is every massage.  There is no standard book of instructions for working with the body, and I believe in approaching every client with a fresh outlook and an open mind.  I listen to the body and work within each client’s own framework and comfort level to craft a unique healing experience.  I combine Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue, Thai, Craniosacral, and Chi Nei Tsang techniques to provide a relaxing and therapeutic massage.  

Kate gives an amazing massage.

I split my practice into two different kinds of experiences.  The first is the more physical, therapeutic focused Deep Tissue and Myofascial massage.  In these sessions, I focus on working out adhesions, trigger points and fascial holding patterns, stretching and lengthening muscles, and improving range of motion all while providing the creature comforts of a Swedish massage like hydrotherapy and aromatherapy.  I draw from Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Myofascial and Thai techniques, using light to deep pressure to accommodate any client’s needs.  The second part of my practice is the light pressure, and subtle somatic deep tissue work of Craniosacral and Chi Nei Tsang.  Craniosacral uses gentle pressure to free fascial restrictions, decompress cranial bones, and improve the movement of cerebrospinal fluid.  Craniosacral is deeply relaxing and beneficial for all, but especially those suffering from headaches, whiplash, traumatic brain injury, and TMJ issues.  Chi Nei Tsang does something similar, but for your organs.  Using gentle pressure to free organs from fascial restrictions that prevent them from properly functioning, as well as physically adjusting and draining the organs, Chi Nei Tsang is an incredibly healing modality for anyone, especially for digestion issues and those seeking improved gut health.

From Dr. Russ:  I encountered Kate at a spa in NE Portland. After just a couple of sessions, I wanted to support her in the development of her practice, and to help her unleash her healing touch on the city of Portland. Kate is a soft presence with a supportive, nurturing touch and a grounded style that just makes you feel wonderful. Her great deep tissue work complements my approach, but she can also provide craniosacral and Chi Nei Tsang treatments for our patients who need them. This spectrum of skills helps round out our clinic's offerings. I love referring patients to Kate!

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