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Services and Fees

Every session with Dr. Russ or Kate Green is tailored to your needs and preferences,

drawing from diverse methods and techniques. The different appointment types vary in cost, length, the number of regions we can address or the depth and complexity of work.

Sliding scale is available and flexible payment options are here for you.

If you are not sure what kind of appointment to make, please reach out.

Prices listed here
are for self-pay.

If we bill your insurance,
your copay will vary.

Please ask us about 
flexible payment and
sliding scale.

Dr. Russ New Patient Visit.
Sliding scale $160-225
Includes intake, exam, and treatment.
45-60 minutes.

Book now.
Dr. Russ 15 minute session sliding scale $60-90
Enough time for 1-2 regions of work.
Not for new injuries (book a Standard or Extended session).

Book now.
Dr. Russ Standard session $160
Enough time for 3-4 regions and complex issues. About 30 minutes.
Book now.
Dr. Russ Extended session $225
45 minutes for a thorough treatment. Great for deep work or complex or chronic problems, or folks who can't make it in often.
Book now.
Kate Green Massage 60 min sliding scale $95 - 125
A full body massage, or deep work on 2-3 regions.
Book now.
Kate Green Massage 90 min $175
Enough time and space for deep relaxation and deep work to many regions.
Book now.
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