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Answers to some of our most frequently asked questions

Does Dr. Russ "crack" everyone's spine?

No. For one thing, treatment doesn't look the same for everyone,  and rarely looks the same for the same person on different days. Every treatment is tailored to the individual and their needs that day. I find that most folks carry tension primarily in the muscles and connective tissues, and that is why I spend most of my time working on those tissues. The "cracking" is for specific types of joint problems and doesn't address connective tissue problems.

Does Dr. Russ "crack" anyone's spine?

Yes. Sometimes, that is exactly what the patient needs (and wants), and I am happy to provide that! It can be incredibly powerful, fast-acting and long-lasting when it is applied at the right place at the right time.

How often does Dr. Russ want to see his patients?

This again is highly individualized. There is no formula. I consult with each patient to determine their needs, goals, and make recommendations for frequency or number of sessions. The decision always rests with the patient, and I will honor the decision that each patient makes. My philosophy is that I want to see people when they want to be seen, which is hopefully before they need to be seen.

Why are there different appointment lengths?

It gives us more flexibility to tailor the sessions to the patients needs and schedule, and provides options for access and affordability.

Which appointment type should I make?

If you're new or haven't been in for more than 3 years, please make a New Patient appointment. If you like or need extra time and can afford the higher fee, make a 45 minute appointment. If time or money are tight, make a 15 minute appointment. The 30 minute appointment is standard and usually will work, so if you're not sure, make one of those.

How does the sliding scale appointment work?

These appointments are great for folks who either need help accessing care, who will need multiple sessions on one or two body regions to resolve their issues, or who do better with more frequent sessions. The fee is $60 - $90 and you pay what you feel good paying within that range.

For access to massage, Kate Green offers a 60 minute massage on a sliding scale from $95 - $125.

Are there income requirements for the sliding scale?

No. Anyone is welcome to use the sliding scale on the.15 minute sessions and new patient sessions. You decide what you pay within that range.

Is it that simple?



Will Dr. Russ prefer patients who pay more?

No. I just want folks to come when they need to come. I'm happy to work with you and I know that the money will work itself out in the long run. I would rather see you than not, and if that means you pay $60, then please pay $60.

What if I can't pay $60?

Talk to us about it.

What about this YouTube page?

It's here and we're very proud of it. I demonstrate my methods, have exercises you can do along with me, encourage mindful movement, and connect with other providers who want to work the way that I work.

I see some very weird and scary things that chiropractors do on YouTube. Does Dr. Russ do that neck-yanking "ring-dinger" with a strap?

Goodness, no. No. I'm very gentle and precise. Check out the YouTube channel to see how gentle. If you're looking for great big cracks and dramatic adjustments, you can find that elsewhere.

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