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Fitness is a metabolic and mental state that you can create for yourself over time.

The goals are flexibility, mobility, stability, endurance and confidence in movement.


We offer sound, sustainable advice based on science and experience helping others create, restore, and maintain fitness from within.

We can discuss your situation, create goals and timelines, and provide direction for action for you via Zoom or in person.

It's not about reps and squats as much as it is aboutcreating a structure in your mind

and your life around movement and nourishment.

Safe, sustainable movement and nourishment.

The secret is that there is no secret.

Our YouTube is replete and expanding with knowledge about nutrition, mindful movement, and metabolism.

Our goal is to inform and inspire, not confuse or create false expectations.

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mindful movement 
to increase body awareness and safely build strength.
Always free and available on YouTube.

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