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We are committed to keeping chiropractic care accessible.

If you're looking to book an appointment with Dr. Russ, we have three initiatives to offer the same effective care at a lower cost.

A focused 15-minute appointment

To address specific concerns in a focused session. Best for one-region issues (tight neck, sore knee), and only for established patients. This works well for both short-term issues (quick adjustment) and for folks needing multiple treatments on one body part due to injury or chronic pain.

Flexible scheduling discount

If you are able to schedule in less than 48 hours, we can call or text you with appointment availability and will discount the session 25%. That way, we can fill our open slots and you get the care you need at a lower cost.


Call or text us at 503-688-1219 to let us know that you'd like to be notified of short-notice openings. This will vary in availability, but if it works, it's a win-win!

Community support for working artists

Recognizing the invaluable contribution of artists, performers, and musicians in our community, we are delighted to extend a special discount tailored to support the working artists among us. If you meet all of these criteria, let us know and we will gladly provide care at a discount for you.

1. Portfolio or Website: Provide a link to portfolio, website, or social media page showcasing your artistic work.

2. Exhibition or Performance History: Provide information about past events, galleries, or venues where your work has been displayed or performed. It does not have to be prestigious, we love to support up-and-coming artists!

3. Artistic Statement: Share your artistic statement describing your creative process, inspiration, and goals.

4. Public Recognition: Provide links to published reviews, articles, interviews or features in art-related publications.

*These initiatives are for chiropractic care only and will not affect massage pricing.

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