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Welcome to Russ Family Chiropractic

proudly celebrating 25 years in practice.

Dr. Russ and Kate Green, LMT bring a wealth of experience and expertise to every hands-on session. Our commitment goes beyond the ordinary; it's about skillful, personalized care that leaves you feeling your absolute best.

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Each touch is precise, healing, and tailored to your unique needs. Join us on a journey to optimal health and discover the difference of two and a half decades of hands-on excellence.


We know that folks often need a series of treatments to address their concerns, so we offer affordable options to make it easier to receive care. Our mission is to provide access to the most attentive and effective care available.

Get to know us, watch video of treatments, and learn exercises on our YouTube channel, all free.

We all feel and function better with robust circulation, pliable soft tissues, mobile joints, and less pain. No matter your condition, bodywork can help, but here is a sampling of conditions we enjoy helping folks heal from every day:

Scoliosis in kids and adults

Neck and shoulder pain

Disc injuries



Lower back and hip pain

Auto and sports injuries




Pregnancy and postpartum pain

Chronic pain and fatigue

DEEP EXPERIENCE and expertise with bodywork.


ATTENTIVE, personalized care specific to your needs and preferences.

ACCESSIBLE, inclusive, affordable care.

NO cookie-cutter, assembly-line treatments.

EASY booking (click and see!)

Our practice is inclusive.

We welcome folks of all genders, faiths, abilities, backgrounds and body types, and are ready to accommodate special needs.

Fender bender

Auto Accidents

Treatment for auto injuries is covered 100% by insurance.
No out of pocket expense for the patient.

Chiropractic care as soon as possible after an accident will help reduce pain and prevent worse pains from occurring.

Our goal is to help you restore full pre-accident function as quickly and painlessly as possible.

We deal with your insurance company.

We protect your rights with our experience and knowledge of the insurance landscape.

Scoliosis Treatment for Children, Teens, and Adults

Click here to read about our effective approach to scoliosis.

Safe & Effective Care for Disc Injury

A herniated or bulging disc can be one of the most painful, frightening experiences of a lifetime.

We have the knowledge and resources to diagnose, treat, and guide you through the process of getting back to normal.

We have helped hundreds of people with disc injuries return to normal activity.

We use gentle, safe, effective therapies to reduce swelling and pain,

restore strength and mobility,

and see the injury through the rehabilitative phase.

A combination of flexion-distraction, decompression, and myofascial work is the best approach.

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