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Expert hands-on care for the whole person (and the whole family!)

Dr. David Russ and Kate Green, LMT

Experienced and dedicated to providing the most effective bodywork anywhere.

Chiropractic, myofascial release, deep tissue work, craniosacral therapy, trigger point release, abdominal massage and more.

Compassionate, knowledgeable professionals dedicated to your well-being.

Appointments are available this week for established patients.

New patient appointments are available the week of May 27, 2024.

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Deep experience and expertise with bodywork.
Attentive, personalized care specific to your needs and preferences.

No cookie-cutter, assembly-line adjustments.

Accessible, inclusive, care. 

Affordable care is one of our guiding principles.

Easy booking and availability (click and see!)

Touch is a basic human need, promoting circulation, relaxation, nervous system regulation, mobility and pliability, pain relief and a sense of wellness.

Scoliosis in kids and adults
Disc injury
TMJ (jaw) problems
Digestive issues
Neck pain
Shoulder pain and injury
Hip pain and injury

Traumatic Brain Injury
Sprains and strains
Pregnancy and post-partum
Lower back pain
Neck pain
Stress and tension
Everyone can benefit.

Get to know our methods and watch us work.

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