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Lily matson

Lily Matson smiling

Through Pilates, I have learned to value what my body can do rather than how it looks or how much it weighs. After spending years doing cardio on an elliptical, trying to burn as many calories as possible to reach an ever decreasing goal weight, I was exceptionally bored with exercise. Both my body and mind plateaued and I felt discouraged. So I joined a studio with a great community. The classes were fun and challenging, but the class sizes were large, and I knew I was performing moves incorrectly due to my occasional knee and neck pain. After years of encouraging my body to perform movements it wasn't built or ready for, I was finally able to pinpoint, through Pilates, which movements strengthened and mobilized my body where I needed it most. Pilates is for everyone, but it’s not a one size fits all set of exercises, it's tailored for each patient, which is why I love it and find it so beneficial for all body types.


By building and elaborating on the fundamentals that changed my body and my relationship with it, I continue to set clear goals for my Pilates practice, as well as partner with my clients to identify their own strengths, opportunities and goals. Whether we focus on strength, balance, or breathing, each session is an opportunity to challenge the body and the mind. A chance to grow your love for your body and all it does for you that will leave you feeling amazing.


If you would like to set up a session to move with me, email us. And if you have any questions about how Pilates can help you achieve your goals, please email me directly.

From Dr. Russ: I began working with Lily late in 2018, and immediately appreicated her ability to observe a client's movement, and to provide gentle, positive reinforcement to guide them toward better connection to their body. Lily and I share a strong belief in the healing potential of a stable and strong core and mobile joints. Aside from the patients in our care who need rehabilitative exercise, I recommend a session with Lily to anyone who wants to have an experience of solid connection to movement and strength.

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