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The Best of Both Worlds

Combining Adjustments with Deep Tissue Therapy

Bones don't exist in empty space.

Muscles and connective tissue can have problems too, and these can make problems with bones harder to heal.

The two most common chronic problems with soft tissues are adhesions (layers of soft tissue getting stuck) and trigger points (painful hyperactive nodules in muscle).


The quickest and most effective way to deal with these is deep tissue therapy.

Deep tissue therapy is similar to massage in that it works directly on muscles. However, where the goal of massage is to relax and improve circulation, the goal of deep tissue therapy is to release adhesions and trigger points and restore function to muscles and comfortable mobility to joints.

This makes adjustments safer, easier, and longer lasting.

Muslces on skeletons

Common sources of soft tissue problems

  • Injury, whether acute or chronic.

  • Overuse and repetitive strain.

  • Auto accidents, where the neck and shoulders have injured in sudden movements caused by the collision.

  • Cooks and computer users (such as you!) who hold their heads forward and overuse their wrists and forearms on their knives, keyboards, or mice.

  • People with scoliosis, whose muscles are constantly having to adapt to the abnormal curvature of their spines.


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